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New Moon Facts

For over 30 years, the President/Owner of New Moon Comics, LLC, Robert J. Guadagno has been a fan of comics. According to his family, in his youth he could almost always be found with his nose buried in a copy of The Phantom, Richie Rich, Archie, or any of the available comics sold at the time. The stories and art were what attracted him to this world of sequential art. But his real love of the industry did not start there.

It started simply enough at a birthday party for a friend in 1978. This is when a copy of Fantastic Four #180 was given to him. "The book" he recalls "was part of one of those 'comic three packs' that the chain stores sold. Chris' mom opened the pack and gave out the books to all the kids, and I got FF #180. That did me in - I could not get enough of that team! I went to every store that I could ride my bike to, to get every issue I could find! "It did not stop there" he continues "I discovered Spider-Man, Captain America, The Avengers, The Defenders, Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Two-In-One, and more!"

Then came the conventions and flea markets where his obsession for these marvels (no pun intended) grew further; Robert explains: "I came across this huge (treasury-sized) comic that had "Spider-Man" (who had become my favorite hero while the Fantastic Four remained my favorite group) fighting this guy "Superman". I realized that Superman was in a different universe completely! And that Superman's universe had a group just like the Avengers called the Justice League of America! I was ecstatic!

"I started getting the JLA books and then I discovered Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan, with this cool ring, and great abilities, and I was completely blown away! I started reading Green Lantern, and from there my obsession deepened. "By the time the dust settled I was getting just about every comic being published in those days! Adding to the mix was the non Super-Hero books like Star Wars, Conan, King Conan and Vampirella, I can't even remember all the stuff I was reading, just that everything I got, I read over and over again, and loved it all!"

Like every story, there are bad times too, for Robert, it came in the 1990's.

"The industry started to change a lot in the early to mid 1990's. The books were not as well drawn, the stories were weak and dull. In looking back at them with 20/20 hindsight vision, I can now see why. In that time, the comic companies forgot what made the books great. They started marketing themselves as "Collectors Items" and "Investments". Comics are none of the above, they are EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT. Books from the Golden or Silver Age (1930's - 1960's) can qualify as "Investments" to a degree, because back then, no one saved comics. Come the late 80's through the 1990's, everyone was saving everything, and the dealers and publishers were milking it for all they could.

"People in my store hear me talk about it all the time, how the beginning of the end was "The Death of Superman". This was, to me, the book that made me walk away from the industry. What happened? I walked into my comic shop for my weekly fix and there was no Superman! When I asked the guy 'Why?' he told me the book was $10 because it was hot and people were paying it. Even though I had been a loyal customer, and had had Superman (as well as every other title) on my list for over three years, he was still trying to gouge me!

"I was so upset that I left the pile of books on the counter and walked away... think of the "Spider-Man No More" art... But rather then a dumpster in an alley, I left the comics shop with a pile of unread, unpurchased books, as I hung my head low... "Comic Fan No More" would have been the great title for that image."

Although he no longer read as many comics as he used to, Robert started planning. His dream? To open a comics shop that respects the industry, does not cater to the speculator market, and be honest to himself and his customers. His original plan was an Entertainment Mecca. A place where people could buy the best in Comics and Graphic Novels, as well as play games, and more! In 2004 those dreams came to life with the opening of New Moon Comics, LLC in the Wayne Towne Center Mall. It was not as grandiose as he wanted, the console/LAN gaming was cut out and the regular gaming tables were restricted due to floor space. But the store is exactly what he envisioned; a bright inviting store packed with the best the industry has to offer. In 2006, the Wayne Towne Center Mall began going through some changes that Robert felt would hurt the store's growth. His choice was to close down or move out. After a long search, in mid-2007 the search was over. Just a half-mile south of the mall was the town of Little Falls - and a perfect location to plant the seeds of chapter 2 of the New Moon Comics story.

However, in November of 2010, due to the declining economy Robert elected to close the Brick and Mortar store and focus on New Moon Comics' online operations. He hopes to one day reopen the retail storefront when the economy improves.

Our Promise To You

New Moon Comics, LLC will never gouge prices or hype books. A recommendation from us comes from actual experience with what we're recommending, or it comes from you, our customers and friends!

What's In A Name?

We've been asked several times about the name of our company as well as our logo. Yes, the Moon in the New Moon Comics logo is NOT the lunar phase of a "New Moon".

A common misconception, however, is that the lunar phase of "New Moon" appears as a visible mini-crescent on the right side (illuminated by sunlight). This lunar phase is in fact called a "Waxing Crescent". The "New Moon" is similar to a lunar eclipse (but not exactly), wherein the Moon lies between the Earth and the Sun. Because the sunlit side is away from the Earth, the New Moon is "invisible" to us, mainly due to solar glare. In perfect conditions, with no solar glare, the Moon would be nothing more then a sliver of a crescent. Even telescopes would have a hard time seeing a true "New Moon" in normal (city-lights) conditions!

So, in closing, we did not want the logo to be just a black blob with a itty-bitty white "moon-looking" crescent on the right side. You can say our "New Moon" is not a lunar moon phase. It is, in fact, just a different Moon. A special Moon that just appeared... It's new... it's a Moon... and it's not a phase.

Others have suggested "New Moon" comes from our owner's love of the Comic Book series ElfQuest (Cutters Sword is the "New Moon"). When asked, Rob admits that, subliminally, it could be a possibility, but he recalls loving the concept and name of "New Moon" prior to reading the works of WaRP Graphics' fantasy series.

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