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Askani'Son #1 Near Mint
List Price: $0.50
Our Price: $0.50

Almost ten years have passed since Nathan had battled and defeated Apocalypse. He is joined by Tetherblood in listening to a retelling of the past and how the X-Men were formed and then the final battle of Apocalypse. The storyteller, Fossil, says that Mother Askani defeated Apocalypse. At this miscommunication, Nathan stands up and calls Fossil out. After making this scene, 'Strator Umbridge finds Nathan and takes him and Tetherblood prisoner on her ship.

In New Orleans, Stryfe uses his powers on innocent bystanders while Ch'Vayre looks on. Stryfe is upset that his kingdom has not been rebuilt as he had planned since he is the sole heir to Apocalypse. Ch'Vayre can only look on in dismay and cannot understand what he has done in protecting Stryfe like this.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Tetherblood are taken to New Canaan. There 'Strator Umbridge is told to come to speak to Tribune Haight immediately. In the ships brig, Nathan meets Blaquesmith. He tells Nathan that he is there to help. He finds a small globe inside Nathan's body and this turns out to be the Professor. He greets Nathan and then Blaquesmith goes unconscious. The guards enter and pick them up. 'Strator Umbridge meets with Haight, who tells her that she is to go and find the remaining two Askani's in Eurasia. He also talks of the Askani messiah, who is Nathan. She thinks that sounds like the man she just put in the brig. She leaves to go investigate. Blaquesmith finally recovers and just in time to tell Nathan that he is in danger and that they need to escape. He distracts the guards and they shoot him, apparently killing him, though his body disappears. Tetherblood and Nathan jump to an escape pod and the Professor takes over and blasts off. 'Strator Umbridge watches as they escape. They plan to find the last Askani.

Elsewhere, Stryfe and Ch'Vayre enter a part of the temple that houses a machine that creates ADAM units. Here he creates a unit designate, Zero. He announces that his prime directive is to resurrect the High Lord. Stryfe smiles and says, Now we can begin anew.

Askani'Son #2 Near Mint
List Price: $0.50
Our Price: $0.50

Nathan and Tetherblood stop off at a milk bar and rest for a bit and drink some of the milk. While here they get into an argument and a New Canaanite 'Strator sees them and recognizes them as the ones who escaped from 'Strator Umbridge. They confront them and question them about who they are.

In Egypt, Stryfe and Ch'Vayre continue their plans on making Stryfe the new ruler in Apocalypse's place. 'Strator Umbridge oversees Stryfe's transactions and decides that she is going to head to Ebonshire, where the last Askani sisters are residing.

In Ebonshire, Madame Sanctity holds stylized rituals for the followers of Askani. Aliya questions her motives since she appears to be making some profit from the followers. Madame Sanctity scoffs at her notions.

At the milk bar, 'Strator Porus goes to detain Nathan and Tetherblood and he fights back. He stops all the soldiers and suddenly Blaquesmith appears. He tells Nathan that he was to follow his orders and this was not part of them. Blaquesmith decides to teach Nathan a lesson and knocks him off his feet. He tells Nathan to stick to the plan and then disappears to the astral plane. While there he discusses with the Professor that he is a little rough around the edges and that it is time to smooth those edges out.

Stryfe meanwhile, works out of his new hideout in the Sphinx and tries to build an army out of blood and flesh with his powers. Ch'Vayre only looks on at him wondering how much longer before Stryfe goes mad. Stryfe senses his thoughts and begins to chastise Ch'Vayre. Zero stops him and announces that there is a person who could further his powers to allow him to not need human helpers. He says she is named Madame Sanctity and she is an Askani. Outside, Umbridge consults with Tribune Haight and he tells her he is not happy that she has not brought down the last two remaining Askani yet.

Nathan and Tetherblood walk thru the sewers beneath the milk bar and Nathan decides that he must go on alone to find the Askani and he leaves Tetherblood behind. Tetherblood wishes him luck and a G'journey.

Askani'Son #3 Near Mint
List Price: $0.50
Our Price: $0.50

Continues story of a young Cable

Avengers #53
List Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.25



With the horrific memory of Kang's attack on Washington etched in their minds, the time has come for the Avengers to live up to their name! It's all-out combat for the future of our planet, as the Earth's Mightiest Heroes kick butt like never before! You thrilled when Thor cut loose -- now it's Captain America's turn!

Archie Digest #264
List Price: $2.69
Our Price: $2.69

(W) Bill Golliher

(A) Jeff Shultz

Archie has always been popular with the ladies, but when he wins the use of a sports car for a week, one passenger seat is simply not enough! Then, Archie has to write a story for English class, but he's stuck at Once upon a time! Plus, other new and classic tales, puzzles, pin-ups, and more

Avengers Academy #7
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99

At long last, Pym returns to his greatest role...that's right, Giant-Man returns in this historic issue!
Action Comics #903 Reign of Doomsday
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99




The mastermind behind Reign of Doomsday begins the final phase of his plan to destroy Superman and all mankind! Steel, Supergirl, Superboy and the heroes of Earth unite to try to stop the devastation, while Superman undertakes a dangerous journey in a desperate attempt to save the day!

32 pg, FC, RATED T

Adventure Comics #529
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99

Written by PAUL LEVITZ



The final, fatal battle for the Legion Academy freshman class. Is this the end of the Academy at Cosmic King's hand?

32 pg, FC, RATED T

Alpha Flight #3 Fear Itself
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99





HEROES ON THE LAM! Having escaped imprisonment at the hands of the corrupt Unity Party, Alpha Flight find themselves hunted by the government they'd sworn to protect. Outmanned and outgunned, the Flight decide to go guerilla, but what will they do once the government raises the stakes by revealing their leverage against the team, including Northstar's boyfriend and the child of Guardian and Vindicator held hostage?! Marvel Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, along with legendary artist Dale Eaglesham, continue their revival of fan favorite Alpha Flight in this pulse-pounding issue!

32 PGS./Rated T+

Action Comics #878
List Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Fernando Dagnino & Raul Fernadez

Cover by Andrew Robinson

Nightwing and Flamebird, meet Nadira Va-Dim and Az-Rel, the Bonnie and Clyde of Krypton. They've got all of your powers, but absolutely none of your morals. Good luck!

32 pg, FC