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Star Wars Jedi vs Darth Sidious Action Figure Set

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Here, in a lavish Senatorial office atop one of the tallest buildings on Coruscant, the endgame of the conflict between Sith and jedi begins. revealed as a Dark Lord of the Sith, Chancellor Palpatine vaults across his desk with the uncanny speed of a master in the Force, his lightsaber blazing to life. Its blade carries the swift death of no less than three Jedi. even the great Mace Windu will be fought to a standstill in this, the first battle in a conflict that will end with the extermination of the Jedi.

This Battle Pack includes:
Darth Sidious: A Dark Lord of the Sith who has spent decades secretly engineering his rise to power. Sidious is also a nearly unstoppable fighter. He has concealed his masterful skills and seething ambition beneath the facade of an elder politician. but when the Jedi warriors confront him, he is forced to reveal his true evil nature and the devastating power he possesses.
Kit Fisto: a good-humored, unorthodox Jedi Master, Kit Fisto has perfected a number of difficult offensive and defensive Force techniques. This mighty warrior is always one of the first to offer his support and skill to defend the galaxy, and doesn't hesitate when Mace Windu requests his help in confronting the chancellor.
Mace Windu: One of the greatest among the Jedi, he is without peer in close-quarters lightsaber combat. He gathers together his finest Jedi Knights to arrest the Chancellor, hoping to halt the galaxy's precipitous fall toward darkness. Mace fights Palpatine to the verge of defeat, but the Jedi encounters an unexpected betrayal that seals his fate.
Saesee Tiin: A silent and imposing warrior, Saesee Tiin sits with Mace Windu on the Jedi Council. Though he rarely speaks, his contributions in both debate and battle are unmatched. Resolute in his convictions of what is honorable and right, Tiin stands with mace Windu as they attempt to arrent the Chancellor, never expecting that he is confronting a dangerous enemy.
Agen Kolar: Fiercely loyal to the Republic, Agen Kolar is dismayed to learn of the Chancellor's treason, and determined to set things right. A legendary Jedi Master, Kolar believes completely that service to the Republic is the backbone of Jedi duty. The betrayal of such loyalty and honor by one entrusted with the defense of the galaxy is unthinkable to him.

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