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Nobis City-States Players Guide

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Specifically designed to introduce players to Nobis and the City-States, the player's guide contains everything they will need to create dynamic and engaging characters. The full color 20-page player's guide includes an abridged history and rules for Simplecraft, fencing, firearms, the mongrel playable race and more! Pick up a copy for each of your players and bring your game play to a whole new level.

What is Nobis?
Imagine a world that has begun to cast off the yoke of monarchy, a world where the old ways are slipping into memory and a new era of enlightenment is dawning. Knowledge spreads like wildfire, commerce and democracy take root. Thousands upon thousands gravitate to massive City-States, towering metropolises that cast long shadows across the face of the world. Once jealously guarded arcane secrets are now available in every bookshop on every corner and the very fabric of the universe succumbs to the inevitable march of progress. Imagine the world of Nobis.

Nobis stands at a crossroads. Small pockets of civilization have suddenly advanced by leaps and bounds, casting off the feudal caste system and embracing democratic rule, but not all the world is so quick to change.

The rising City-States are expanding rapidly, moving into uncharted territory with often violent and sometimes unexpected results. New urban megaliths spring up at the edges of the old kingdoms. What were once sparsely populated nomadic lands are now home to thousands. Tribes and petty fiefdoms have merged together in the crucible of urban development. At times they have been drawn reluctantly together by the promise of profit and safety; at others they have been corralled at the point of a sword.

Some say the advances of civilization dwarf the insignificant desires of the conquered, that the new world offers wealth and security unprecedented in history. Some say the world is more dangerous than ever and that ˘the thinkers÷ meddle with powers far older and stranger than they can possibly comprehend.

What is undoubtedly true is that death and wonderment lurk around every corner. While the City-States offer all the modern conveniences and access to knowledge on an unprecedented scale, crime is rampant and organized guilds vie for control ... some entertain even higher aspirations.

The City-States promise riches and power to anyone who can claim them, but they are cruel and unforgiving. A manĂs rise to power can be long and arduous, and his fall can be as quick as the flash of a knife. Men and women of this new class continually strive to consolidate their power, both political and economic, for in the City-States the two are fast becoming one and the same. Anyone with a quick mind, a quicker tongue and enough gold can rise among elite. Anyone with a quick blade, strong arm or arcane power can help them keep it ... or take it all.

What Makes Nobis different?
Nobis is a fantasy role-playing campaign setting and adventure series for version 3.5 of the worldĂs most popular role-playing game. To experienced gamers that should all sound pretty familiar. Nobis, however, offers you a gaming experience like nothing youĂve seen before!

Nobis combines the best elements of immersive role-playing, high fantasy and sophisticated political intrigue into one unified system.

The Nobis campaign setting manuals give you all the tools you need to create lasting and memorable campaigns. Nobis's wide variety and changing landscape will keep you and your gaming team entertained for years. In Nobis you can move seamlessly between the dense political machinations of the City-States, to the bloody and lawless frontier of ˘The Advancement÷, to the dark reaches of forgotten lands and underground kingdoms.

Nobis is a world advancing, where the secrets of blackpowder have been unleashed. Nobis pioneers a unique way to integrate firearms into fantasy gaming. While firearms have sometimes been awkwardly thrown into other systems, we have gone to great lengths to create a balanced and engaging system.

Pantheon PressĂs ground breaking Reputation System changes the way you will game forever! No longer is quality game play something that merely adds color to the hack and slash of everyday gaming. With the Reputation System, your machinations, heroics and devious activities will directly affect the course of play and the game mechanics. Nobis is a world in flux, full of danger, magic, intrigue and adventure. Dive in and explore!

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