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Magic the Gathering Worldwake Into Deck Flyover

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The Flyover deck puts you in command of a squadron of flying creatures. Halt your opponents' ground assaults and let loose a reign of terror from the air!

Your evasive creatures will do most of your dirty work. Stormfront Pegasus, Lightkeeper of Emeria, and Voyager Drake all laugh as they fly over grounded creatures to damage your opponents. Apex Hawks and Enclave Elite are also difficult to block, and their multikicker ability means their size is limited only by how much mana you have available when you cast them. The deck's flying forces are led by Archon of Redemption, which lets you gain life equal to the power of any flying creature (including itself) when that creature enters the battlefield.

Marshal's Anthem supports your attack by both making your creatures larger and returning fallen creatures to the battlefield for a second tour of duty.

The rest of your cards protect you so your aerial assault can succeed. Guardian Zendikon creates a mammoth obstacle out of a land, and Gomazoa can return any creature it blocks to its owner's library, where it can no longer harm you. If your opponent casts creatures large enough to get past your defenses, Pacifism and Iona's Judgment can keep you from harm. If your opponent still manages to mount an off ense, Righteousness and Divine Verdict come out of nowhere to destroy the creatures that attack you. After all this, if your opponent still threatens you, Sleep and Unsummon can buy a little more time for your flying creatures to finish the job.

The Worldwake set contains more cards that help the Flyover deck. Wind Zendikon turns a land into yet another flying creature for your aerial army. Sejiri Merfolk is a blue creature that gets more powerful if you control a Plains, which you almost always will. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is a planeswalker with mind-altering powers whom you can call to your side. He grinds away your opponent's library and eventually exiles it entirely, making your victory certain.

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